9 powerful infographics that will change the way you see the world..

Just a little food for thought..

Of the top 10 native languages spoken, English doesn’t even come 3rd While the English language trails behind Mandarin, Hindi and Spanish in total native speakers, English is the world’s most popular language to learn. Worldwide, approximately 1.8 billion people speak the language. (Source: Funders and Founders)
Bill Gates simple statement on child mortality Just days ago Bill Gates surprised the Reddit community by posting a simple graphic in support of his humanitarian work. What his graphic shows is even more surprising: 80% of deaths of children under age five are preventable.
What happens one hour after drinking a can of coke? The answer is “nothing very good.” This graphic details some of the not-so-sweet things that happen to your body after ingesting a simple can of coke (since it went massively viral, this graphic also illustrates the shareable power of a simple graphic and text).
It’s never too late to start a new career Read the inspiring stories of companies like KFC, Zynga and Home Depot and you’ll find a founder who achieved success later in life. As this interactive infographic reveals, many of the Forbes Top 2000 hit their stride well after their 20s.
Out of all the humans that have ever lived, a huge proportion are alive today This hourglass graphic (credited to National Geographic) shows each grain as 10 million people. The world’s population has grown by over 5 billion people since 1900, and now sits somewhere above 7 billion.
Ben Franklin did rise and sleep early, but that’s not what all geniuses do Based on the much praised book Daily Rituals: How Artists Work by Mason Currey, this graphic by New York magazine charts the sleeping habits of 27 creative geniuses. It just goes to show that not everyone works best on the same schedule.

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