alta moda: mario testino pays tribute to his peruvian roots..

Alta Moda, a previously unseen body of work by its founder, Mario Testino. The exhibition Alta Moda – literally “high fashion” in Spanish – is a series of photographic portraits of Peruvians wearing traditional and festive attire from the mountainous region of Cusco. It represents a bold departure for Testino from his work for fashion magazines.

To create Alta Moda, Testino made several trips to Cusco city over a five-year period after discovering an archive of costumes from the region. Equally inspired by the history of Peruvian photography, Testino worked closely with Martin Chambi’s grandchildren and used recreated backdrops from the archive of the late Peruvian photographer. While Alta Moda appears to reference the tradition of ethnographic photography, Testino has, in fact, captured several stories within each photograph.

source: mario testino

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