artist idalia candelas celebrates the joys of the single life…

Mexican artist Idalia Candelas is celebrating single life with a series of illustrations she’s calling ‘Postmodern Loneliness’. The series was inspired by her time living solo in Mexico City, and uses pencil, ink and watercolour to show that being forever alone isn’t that bad after all.

‘The theme of the loneliness has been recurring in my drawings’, she tells Mic. ‘Even though people try to avoid [it out of] fear, being in that situation is increasingly common in our society.

‘I like to show women who exist in solitude but do not suffer. They are not depressed or crying. Rather [they] are safe, exalting in the sense of enjoying the company of just herself’.

Mic points out that an Aussie study last year concluded that travelling alone results in ‘personal feelings of freedom, relaxation and discovery’, so if that’s not enough to enjoy your single life, what is?

See more of Idalia’s work on Instagram.


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