beyonce, lemonade and losing the album of the year at the grammy’s (again)..

To be honest, I never expected Bey to win album of the year. Not for Lemonade.

This album was too full of diaspora divinity, nods to African deities and ancestral knowledge. Too much black “goddessnes” truth, history and emotion (which, btw, doesn’t take away from all women being goddesses). And to add fuel to the beautifully blazing fire, during her Grammy performance, Bey referenced the Hindu Goddess Kali (mother of the universe).  Yep.. there was waaayyy too much women love/power/mother of the universe/badassness/wildness/fearlessness/courage/pain and hope going on for some. Too much of the unknown. Too much “uncomforableness” with a woman being divinely comfortable. As in Lemonade, Beyonce’s performance at the Grammy’s fearlessly and “unapologetic-ally” embraced the feminine face of God.

And I LOVE Adele for recognizing that publicly.

In Lemonade, there were many references to the Yoruba religion Oshun. Although Oshun (also spelt Osun) is regarded principally as a goddess of love, there are other aspects to this Orisha as well. One of the most important roles that Oshun plays is that of the goddess of the sweet waters and the protective deity of the River Oshun in Nigeria. Alongside this river is a sacred grove, probably the last in Yoruba Culture, dedicated to Oshun. Although Oshun governs love and the sweet waters, she is also regarded as a highly benevolent deity. Oshun is said to be the protector of the poor and the mother of all orphans. It is Oshun who brings to them their needs in this life. Additionally, Oshun is regarded as a healer of the sick, the bringer of song, music and dance, as well as prosperity and fertility. Oshun is also depicted as a teacher, who taught the Yoruba agriculture, culture and mysticism. She also taught them the art of divination using cowrie shells, as well as songs, chants and meditations taught to her by her father Obatala, the first of the created Orishi.  Learn more at Ancient Origins.





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