bgirl files: 5 female graffiti artists you should know..

1. kazilla-born in new mexico, her graffiti straddles the line between fine art + graffiti depicting beautiful women in often day-glo backgrounds. kazilla also paints life at events for wu-tang, chaka khan + timbaland {first 3 of slide show}

2. cristina isabel rivera works in a wide range of mediums- from photography to film to murals. cristina often collabs with diana contreras

3. diana contreras was born in peru and began painting on the streets after viewing “the radiant child” {documentary on jean-michel basquait}. diana’s work is the featured photo..

4. miss reds creates actual graffiti and started about 5 years ago.

5. tati suarez born in miami, currently living in brooklyn, nj. tati plays with child like innocence and overt sexuality. she often draws on her brazilian + el salvadorian heritage.

these girls are maj.. you can check out their handiwork at artbasel {wynwood walls}

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