blue ivy: the hair that lauched a thousand battle ships..

one time (i think) rant: so there’s a petition about the severity and possible dire consequences to the health of the littlest cahhh-ta (in my horseshack voice) and a general uproar that her parents aren’t caring for her hair according to the specifications deemed appropriate by society.

let’s not (again) worry about her being in a financially secure, loving home with both parents actively engaged and a passport with more stamps than a flight attendant..

let’s not worry about the insecurity petitioners breed defining her (or any child) by hair which (as ALLL black women know), can change in 10 min or less…
funny.. i don’t recall anyone starting a petition about nene’s wig (no diss, but that wig was not a good look for sugar). yet you pick on a baby?

clearly the petitioners think it’s more important to petition for a damn comb/perm/10,000 barrettes and some royal crown than petitioning…

  • the senators that voted against allowing students to refinance student loans (blue ivy won’t have any student loans..)
  • the bevy of issues surrounding guns (blue ivy got security)
  • the failing education system- on average, african-american 12th graders read at the same level as white 8th grade students (blue ivy will go to the BEST schools and have tutors)
  • gmo, high sugar, unhealthy foods being fed to your kids in and out of school (blue ivy got organic err’thang)
  • the homeless children pushing through in shelters and on the streets to make it (blue ivy got cribs all over the world)
  • global warming, including reduced food production equal higher food prices and more gmo’s (blue ivy got a bunker + chedda)

so if you have flawless hair in a porno vid.. ya good. didn’t see no petitions about that show..

bullying a child, family is okay? because she doesn’t “look” like you feel she should? because her PARENTS are in the spotlight? because there are no tight ass braids, extensions, perms, barrettes smacking her in the face? because her hair is natural/wild/free?? seriously?? would i throw a comb in there a few times if it was my daughter? probably- but she’s NOT my daughter. without a doubt i would be focused on raising a child that is loving, kind, compassionate, educated, well-balanced, respectful, comfortable in her own skin, authentic, honest, etc.

who would THINK that dr. mlk’s quote would have to read “judged by the content of their character and not the STYLE OF THEIR HAIR?!?!?”

if they want to raise her natural. it’s. their. choice. PERIOD.

as biggie once said- shit don changed. there is no room for this continuous nonsense in our community. #eyescantfindtheprize #worryingaboutthewrongish #thatisall #thematrix #yougonlearn #daylatedollarshort #wanksters

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