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“Follow the Money” is a term that essentially means if you want to look for the motivation behind an action, look to see who stands to profit. Although the term was coined after 2 reporters followed the clues that eventually uncovered a political scandal (Watergate), the concept is very useful when you need research in a particular industry.

They’re many innovative (marketing/pr/media/digital/etc) companies that provide research/white papers to increase business or brand equity, investment consultancies with “skin in the game”and tech companies that want to be (or appear to be) on the cutting edge. Either way, they all provide some form of research that can be of value to you (entrepreneurial endeavors, professionals wanting to stay ahead of the curve, market/consumer research, personal investing and ideation). The uses are endless! Working hard is honorable (and necessary), but there’s nothing wrong with working smart.. 🙂

Here’s a list of companies that produce some pretty well documented papers with subject matter experts to get you started.

Bain & Company Insights:

Business (Digital Strategy, Loyalty, Founders Mentality, Decision Effectiveness, etc…)

Industry (Consumer Products, Healthcare, Banking, etc..)

Capability (Advanced Analytics, IT, Customer Strategy + Marketing, etc..)

Razorfish Ideas

Example of Current Research Offerings

The Future of Marketing Organizations

How to Operationalize Content Marketing

Use Art + Science to Drive Social Media Sales

Competing in a Connected Economy

IBM Knowledge Center

Mckinsey & Company

Global Institute

Featured Insights

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