create.d: diy citronella candles

i need all the weapons available for these darn super ‘squitos..


• Mason jars
• Floating candles
• Lemons and limes
• Citronella essential oil (I found mine at Whole Foods)
• Fresh herbs
• Twine or ribbon

To assemble my candles, I first sliced up the lemons and limes. The fruit will float in the jar, so I recommend adding them in last. Place your fresh herbs in each jar (I used rosemary, lemon thyme, lavender and chamomile from my garden). Fill the jar about half way with water and add about 10 drops of citronella oil to the herb and water mixture. Next, add in the sliced citrus and fill the jar the rest of the way up with water. Finally I added the floating candle and tied a piece of twine around each jar.


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