cultur.d: “all is by my side,” the jimi hendrix movie with andre 3000 is FINALLY here! check out the trailer….

John Ridley‘s long awaited Jimi Hendrix biopic All Is By My Side just got its very first trailer ahead of its September 26th national release. While it certainly doesn’t reveal all that much, we get the best glimpse yet at Andre 3000 doing his best Jimi thing, focusing on the Dylan days — the early curl of Hendrix, adopting the do of his foremost vocal inspiration — as he sorts out what will become one of the most heralded legacies in music history. You really get a feel for the work 3K put into his portrayal of the purple architect and the evolution of Andre as an actor. Go ahead and take a gander at the very first trailer to drop for All Is By My Side below and brace yourself, as the Voodoo Chile cometh..


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