dreamweaver: the “por ellos, si’ podemos” project empowers young latino kids via past/present and future..

See a problem, take action…

When mom Marisol Correa went shopping at a Halloween store with her kids recently, she said she was saddened, but not altogether surprised, to see that many of the costumes were essentially racist stereotypes.

It’s this lack of positive representation that photographer Eunique Jones Gibson is seeking to address with her project, “Por Ellos, Sí Podemos.” Gibson photographed 31 Latino kids ages 2 to 14 for an empowering series that pays tribute both to the trailblazers who broke ground for the community and to the kids who will one day pick up the reins.

Three of Correa’s kids took part in the project. The eldest, 7-year-old Alyssa, was cast as broadcast journalist Soledad O’Brien. Correa told The Huffington Post the little girl was transfixed when she saw the picture and learned the story of the woman was representing. read more..

source: huffingtonpost.com


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