explor.a: the future of air travel? kinda fly..

For airlines trying to save fuel, every ounce of weight onboard is important. Ryanair, the budget airline, went so far as to trim pages out of their in-flight magazine and serve drinks with fewer ice cubes. (They ran into trouble when they also asked flight attendants to lose a few pounds). But the heaviest single item on a flight is the plane itself. A new concept design proposes removing the windows to cut weight.

Ironically, the windowless design also kind of gives passengers a better view, by replacing tiny portholes with a panoramic screen covering the walls of the plane and projecting live footage from cameras outside. The concept is the brainchild of the Centre for Process Innovation, a U.K. tech company that developed a thin, flexible display screen and was looking for the best way to put it to use.

“It was agreed that the technology could be utilized to create a visually stunning panoramic view for aircraft passengers and would transform the way people experience air travel, while significantly lowering its carbon footprint,” says Matthew Herbert, marketing manager for the company.   read more..


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