explora: volunteer abroad for free room and meals {win-win}..

1. Teach in Cambodia

Volunteering abroad

Overview: Teach kids English in Phnom Penh, help run various projects, participate in trips, etc.

Duration: 3 weeks – 1 year or more; 6-8 hours / day

Requirements: be 18+. Pass an email/Skype interview

Perks: Free accommodations, basic meals, training and internal transportation

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2. Yoga Centre Volunteering, Thailand

Volunteer in Thailand

Overview: Help run a Yoga centre in Koh Samui, Thailand

Duration: 7 days – 1 month; 20 hours / week

Requirements: Pass email & skype interview

Perks: Free accommodations, breakfast (lunch and dinner if you work really well), pick up service, scooter

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3. Jerusalem Hostel Volunteer, Israel

Volunteer and travel for free, Israel

Overview: Help entertain guests, make breakfasts, run social events, etc.

Duration: 6 – 9 weeks; 5 times a week for 5-6 hours/ day

Requirements: Must be 21-35 y.o, English and pass an email/Skype interview

Perks: Free accommodations and breakfast

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4. Children’s Centre Volunteering, Zimbabwe

Volunteer in Zimbabwe

Overview: help care for former street children, orphans, children with disabilities and abandoned babies

Duration: 2 weeks – 6 months, 30-40 hours / week

Requirements: Over 18, English speaking, good attitude.  Send email application (including motivation & CV)

Perks: Free accommodations, food, pick up

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5. Surf Lodge Volunteer – Free Bed & Kite-Surfing, Ireland

Volunteer in Ireland

Overview: help run and maintain a surf lodge

Duration: 2 months

Requirements: 18+, pass Skype chat

Perks: free accommodations and breakfast

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Other Ways to Find Opportunities:

1. Find your favourite non-governmental organisation (NGO) and look for the opportunities on their website. If you don’t find any offers don’t hesitate to contact them via email or phone. Most of the times they are too busy to update their website, but probably need some spare hands, and will definitely appreciate your interest. Our fav NGOs are Survival International, WWF and Amnesty International. Here’s a pretty big list of NGOs worldwide.

2. Pick a topic that interests you and look for any related events – conferences, festivals, master-classes, etc. You’ll be surprised at how many options are out there, especially if you speak good English!

3. Get ta googl’n-the possibilities are endless! Here’s what we found after 2 mins of googling – help out the turtles, teach English in Sudan, work on organic farms, become a trek guide, assist on private luxury yachts, etc., etc. Who would’ve thought, right?

Also, you can try the workaway site.

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