extreme {chic} homes: chalet c7 was built in a mountain..

Nicolás del Rio and Max Núñez describe their project:

“The Villa is located in the Andes at 2900 meters, near the Hotel Portillo and a few miles from Mount Aconcagua. The terrain is characterized by steep and rocky topography facing north to Laguna del Inca and the Three Brothers mountains.

On this extreme landscape the house is hidden on the slope while minimizing interference with the view  into the lagoon from the hotel. From above only a small crawlspace is visible where you descend to the protected space of the shelter.

The interior is solved in two levels. A base class absorbs variations in snow in the winter and is constructed as a volume of rock made of stone taken from the same slope. This defines a first floor wall that anchors the building to the ground and behind which are located bedrooms and private spaces of the house. These areas are open to the outside by drilling controlled dimensions vary according to domestic needs… read more

source: design stories

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