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Somewhere along my journey, I’ve realized that certain things I do bring me closer to my authentic, true self and others do the opposite. There are specific practices that I have realized bring us closer to who we are before others told us who we should be. And perhaps these are the practices that also bring us closer together.

1. Do the Messy Work

We all have our fears, challenges and limitations. One of the greatest gifts we can give to ourselves is to do the necessary work to face the fears, overcome the challenges and push the limits. When we embrace the process of digging deep, we find all the answers within. When we open to grow, the right people come into our lives. Be open to learn and receive support along the journey.

2. Remember Number One

Often we feel guilty for putting ourselves first. What I’ve learned though, is that actually making our happiness and health a priority is the most loving thing we can do for others. When we know who we are and where we stand, we can contribute to the world so much more effectively and lovingly. Self care means that we create the space each day to pay attention to our needs and do what it takes to meet them.

3. Never Assume

We don’t know what we don’t know. This means that before we actually experience something, we truly don’t know what it will be like. Assuming stems from fear and can often lead us to creating stories in our minds that have no basis on what will really happen. The best ways to assume less and invite more truth into our lives is to first simply be aware that our assumptions are not true. We also invite truth through asking questions to clarify, whether it be our boss at work, close friend or partner.

4. Embrace Alone Time

We find clarity when we spend time with ourselves. Spending time alone means hearing our own voice and needs. It means learning to love ourselves first so that we actually have a greater ability to relate to the world and love others without expectation and fear. We get into relationships for the right reasons and find the confidence to make the choices that best serve us, even if it means letting of what is no longer working. We realize that we are free and that even though fear will always play a part in our lives, we can choose love.

5. Travel

Travel pushes us past our comfort zone, expanding our insight and perception of what we know. We are able to experience more and therefore grow and become stronger individuals. We meet people who open new worlds for us with their perspective of what is possible. Through travel, we cultivate spontaneity, build confidence and realize that the end of our comfort zone is the beginning of expansion. What would the adventurer in you do today?

Julie is passionate about everything personal growth and wellness, living the Wholehearted  journey and sharing it on her blog, www.breathingeverymoment.blogspot.com

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