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below is the first few pages of chris billeau’s {art of nonconformity blog/aonc} A Brief Guide To World Domination.  i read it back in 2008, but i recently decided to read it again and share. the essence of his philosophy {which i totally connect with} is..

1. You don’t have to live your life the way other people expect you.
2. You can do good things for yourself and help other people at the same time.
3. If you don’t decide for yourself what you want to get out of life, someone else will probably end up deciding for you.
4. There is usually more than one way to accomplish something

A Brief Guide to World Domination, How to Live a Remarkable Life in a Conventional World

I’d like to let you in on a big secret, right here at the beginning. Whether you go on to read the rest of this report or leave it behind and move on with the rest of your life, please remember one thing. Are you ready? Here it is: You don’t have to live your life the way other people expect you to. I’ve put the best world domination instructions right here in the beginning, so pay attention to that statement. If you come to understand and apply it to the hundreds of choices you make every day, no one will be able to stop you from whatever it is you want to do. If you want it badly enough, and are willing to make some changes in your life to cause it to happen, you too can take over the world… or do anything else you really want to do. Yes, you really can have it all. The only things you’ll need to give up are assumptions, expectations, and the comfort zone that holds you back from greatness.

No matter what you have been told, no matter what has happened to you, and no matter what mistakes you’ve made, you can completely change the way you live every day of your life. You can focus the majority of your time on the things you enjoy, and you can also make an incredible difference in the lives of other people while you are at it. In fact, they are counting on you to do exactly that.

What’s the Catch?

If you’re still with me, you may be wondering what the catch is. There always is one, right? Well, not really. I’m not out to sell you anything, and this report is entirely non-commercial. However, I should warn you in advance: nothing is for sale here, but free ideas can have tremendous value. Victor Hugo once said..


“One can resist the invasion of an army but one cannot resist the invasion of ideas.” After you use these ideas to take over the world, I’ll show you a couple ways you can give back. But don’t worry, you won’t need to do that until you’ve invaded your first small country.  Does that work for you?

A Quick Introduction

But wait—I’m probably getting ahead of myself. Who am I to tell you all this? You can read my whole story here ,but the short version is that I have been self-employed for my entire adult life and have never had the dreaded “real job.” I recently turned 30 years old, so I figured that since I’ve made it this far, there’s no sense in looking for one of those real jobs now.

In 2006 I returned to the U.S. after spending four years as a volunteer in West Africa. During that time, I lived in Sierra Leone, Liberia, and six other African countries, helping to improve access to healthcare and clean water in the world’s poorest places. I worked with everyone from presidents to warlords, and learned a lot about unconventional living in the process. The four years I spent in Africa was by far the most rewarding experience I’ve ever had, and I only left it behind to enter a graduate program at the University of Washington in late 2006.

The conversation about world domination started earlier this year when I was getting ready to finish my master’s degree. A couple of friends asked me what I was going to do next, and at first I didn’t know how to answer. I went through the list of “normal” responses to that question—maybe I’ll start a new business, enter a Ph.D. program, go back to Africa, etc. But after thinking about it for a long time, I started telling people, “I’m going to start my own social movement.” (Here’s a quick side lesson: if you want to know who your real friends are, start telling your craziest idea to everyone you meet. Some people will slowly back away from you as if you really are crazy, but others will latch on to your idea and help you any way they can. The people in the second group are your real friends.)My social movement is called The Art of Nonconformity, and I plan to take over the world. I won’t take over the world by myself—many other independent-minded people will also be pursuing their own campaigns and changing the world in the way they see fit. Oh, and I will also be traveling to every country in the world over the next five years (I’ve been to 83 so far, but there are a lot more). In addition to the crusade against convention, my web site documents the progress toward this goal with blog posts from every country I go to. You can follow along or contribute your own ideas on the site through email updates..

okay that’s all i have to say about me. From here on out, the focus is on you. Now.. In a moment, I’m going to ask you The Two Most Important Questions in The Universe, but first let’s look at how life works for most people. Here are a few ways that the average person lives out their life in our 21st century, Western world.

Screenshot 2014-02-26 08.58.34

If that life sounds good to you, don’t feel bad. You’ll fit in just fine with the status quo, and no one will ever challenge you to be different. Conforming to the world’s expectations is the safe, conventional path. You are far from alone. However, I don’t want to ask these important questions to the wrong person, so just to be fair to the minority of people who reject the path of convention, you should close this report now if you’re comfortable with an unremarkably average life. I don’t want to waste your time,and the rest of it won’t really apply to most people anyway. I’ll give you the space on the rest of this page so that you can close the report without reading further. Thanks for your time! Have a great life.

Still there? OK, great. If the idea of an unremarkably average life sounds like a slow death by asphyxiation to you, you’re on to something.

Don’t panic; there is a clear alternative to the way most people amble through life with little focus or patience. It’s not safe or easy, but if you want it badly enough, absolutely no one will be able to stop you from world domination or whatever it is you want to do. I won’t keep you waiting any longer. Here are the two most important questions in the universe:

#1: What do you really want to get out of life?

#2: What can you offer the world that no one else can?

We’ll look at each question in some detail, but to get the full effect, take a few minutes and answer each of the questions according to your first instincts. If you’ve printed this report, write your answers down in the space below. If not, write them in your journal, a legal pad, or a Starbucks napkin if that’s where youare. It will be worth it.

OK… here we go.

#1: What do you really want to get out of


In other words, what’s your ultimate goal? If you didn’t have to do the things you currently have to do (work you don’t enjoy, all the things on the unremarkably average list, etc.), what would you do? One of my marketing mentors, Paul Myers, has a great business newsletter that

he has been writing for twelve years,which is basically forever in the online marketing world. In addition to online marketing, Paul is a bit of a free spirit. Like me, he writes about more than just business. A while back, Paul came up with a great “Ideal World” exercise that helped me (and many others) answer the first question. You can get a free copy of that exercise over here. The short summary is that you think through your idealized, perfect day in great detail, beginning from what time you get up and what you have for breakfast all the way through what you do for each hour of the day and who you talk to. Then you begin to make plans to adjust your life to get closer to the perfect day you’ve designed for yourself.

If you do nothing else, take this exercise seriously and you’ll learn a lot about yourself. You may even begin making more conscious decisions about how you spend your time and what you focus on. I do this exercise once a year in December and always end up making a lot of improvements the next year.

The Ideal World exercise is best completed when you are also thinking about your long-term goals. I keep a few ongoing lists of some of the things I want to accomplish in several periods of time,and you’re welcome to use my system or modify it to suit your own needs:

1-year goals

— this list gets reviewed a few times a year, and I create next year’s goals each December

5-year goals

— this list gets reviewed once a year lifetime goals

Lifetime goals

-This list gets reviewed once a year, and make sure to include some really big ideas for your

download: A Brief Guide to World Domination {How to Live a Remarkable Life in a Conventional World}



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