favorite collections: valentino spring/summer 2016

{80+ photos} I often wonder… how does the deep well of creativity and beauty continue to flow season after season for certain fashion brands? I can say, without a doubt, that there has not been one Valentino collection that I’ve completely disliked.

Not a one.

But THAT is the power of being authentic to the vision of the brand (even after the death of Valentino). You can see the influence of designers Maria + Pier in the newer collections, but their aesthetic lives harmoniously within the brand vision, not outside or in contrast.  Sorry, I digress. Back to the collection..

The Spring/Summer collection is stunning. An African love story full of intimate kisses and lingering touches. Tribal embroidery, colorful patchwork, tulle and jewellery weaving chapters of lustful desires. You covet ever single piece in this visually captivating story.  The clean lines and perfectly tailored dress shapes says- this is Valentino, but the love story written by Maria + Pier reminds you that Italy is not the only place of beauty and inspiration. Bellissimo!


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