favorite things: georges v hotel {paris} + their amazing flowers….

jeff leatham’s floral arrangements are amazing & he is offering classes in paris {at the four seasons of course}… 😉

Four Seasons Hotel George V is launching an exclusive Parisian experience by offering guests the opportunity to participate in a floral arrangement class hosted by Jeff Leatham, the Hotel’s acclaimed Artistic Director.

Renowned throughout the world for his spectacular floral creations, Jeff has truly revolutionized floral art. His talent extends beyond the Hotel and he is regularly called up to choreograph the most prestigious events. He has contributed notably to the reopening party of the Museum of Modern Art in New York, as well as collaborating with Kylie Minogue and more recently, he created the flower arrangements for Tina Turner’s wedding. Even Oprah Winfrey herself has become a huge fan and invited him in 2012 to participate as a guest on her television show about dream jobs.

Jeff Leatham will organize a floral art workshop quarterly within the Hotel. It is a rare occasion to meet the famous artist amid by his favourite flowers and to discover his truly unique way of creating a flower bouquet. The two hour lesson takes place in one of the Hotel salons, and begins with a floral art demonstration followed by the opportunity to put into practice individually and create one’s own bouquet.

Jeff is delighted to share his passion for flowers with guests of the place where he has spent the last 14 years living in perfect harmony. Each month, he concocts a new theme and creates his designs on the spot thanks to the 9000 flowers that are delivered each week from Holland.

“More than a class that teaches how to arrange flowers, it is a magical and unforgettable moment where our guests have the privilege to be able to assist. It is a unique moment in the company of one of the most “rock and roll’ florists in the world,” declares Christian Clerc, regional vice president and general manager of Four Seasons Hotel George V.

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