fck the herd: my thoughts on election 2016…

I haven’t posted much about election 2016, but since we’re about to do this presidential thing in the next 30 or so days, I decided to share a few thoughts…

1: The fight for social/economic justice, a safe environment for our children & communities will continue to intensify (as will the fight for love/kindness/compassion/empathy- but that’s part of another list), so you might as well grab the armor of the most high & prepare for the escalation.

2: Regardless of who wins the presidential election, a movement has started- just like the one #berniesanders created, only this one is a movement of discord, fear, hate, untruths, fake realities & giving the finger to personal accountability/responsibility. A textbook case of cognitive dissonance/cognitive bias/cultural dissonance/choice supported bias- and every other psychological cog study. The intellectual disconnect between the real vs. fantasy ‘merica, actual history vs. fantasy history- from the start of the US of They to october 2, 2016 is completely astounding. #matrix


3: For those that are not COMPLETELY cognitively challenged, yet truly believe in the “abilities” of ol’boy – y’all remind me of congress. It’s almost hilarious how the lack of insight, emotional intelligence or the ability to be an independent thinker has become so prevalent (embraced?) in the good old U.S. of They. But y’all keep on believing these actions/thoughts/decisions will remain contained. Just like any other virus- the spread will occur boo. What’s that saying- cut your nose of despite your face? Buyers remorse?

4: For the financially struggling supporters looking for a new ‘merica.. ayyy yi yi..bless your little heart. I’ll make it super simple for you..just watch #soylentgreen (it’s a classic and a very easy way to understand your current position. How you feed the wealthy- literally. LOL)

5: #hillaryclinton and I have some issues, but her 80 overrides the 20 (in my 80/20 decision making process), so i’m down for her. another thing- I’m crystal clear that no one in office is going to substantially change the game- it’s ALWAYS the people that force change via brains, blood or both.

6: Going back to #3 and #4

“The evil that men do lives after them; the good is oft interred with their bones.” ~Shakespeare

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