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awareness does not equal affinity.”

Wowza!! It’s so exciting and humbling to receive requests for sponsored and guest blog posts! I truly appreciate your interest.

As you may have noticed, I don’t have ads or sponsored content on my blog. That has been by choice. Though my following (social media + blog) is not out there in the stratosphere, I have a connection with my followers/readers and I don’t take that lightly. All of my growth is 100% organic. With that said, the requirements for a sponsored post are very simple:

  • I’ve experienced your brand and/or service
  • I believe in your product
  • I support your goal (social good brands/organizations)

In addition, I will only do 2 non-competing sponsored posts per month and I will never endorse a product or company with a sponsored post that I have not personally experienced- period.

If I love you, I will share it with everyone, everywhere (social/web/word-of-mouth)…

About Reese (The Urban Chica)

FYI: Currently, I have a large amount of requests to share blog posts from websites created primarily for Affiliate Marketing purposes. Though I’m sure your posts are informative, I don’t have time to research and verify your information. In addition, I am not willing to share posts from blogs that are created only for affiliate marketing. Thank you for your interest.

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