habitare design faire: 1100 floating ballons by kaisa and timo berry


The environmental artist Kaisa Berry and the creative director Timo Berry, from the design agency BOTH, were invited to design a site-specific installation made of thousands of white umbrellas hanging from the ceiling at the Ahead! Arena for the 2015 Habitare Design Fair in Finland. Kaisa and her colleague, Timo, used white, ceiling-hung umbrellas and swings, to create a field of dreams, which brings together surreal fantasy, blue skies and clouds. Additionally, the installation, which was inspired by Mary Poppins, provided a stage for aerial acrobatic performances.

“The aim is to approach the often over-serious design scene by using art, stage design, and a bit of kitsch. We also offer adults an opportunity to play a little.”, reveal Kaisa and Timo.





via urdesignmag.com

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