head case: bob livingstone is the urban chica’s new virtual therapist {kinda}..

I am so excited to welcome my friend Bob to theurbanchica.com for a mental health series titled “on the couch!”

Mental health issues are becoming more prevalent (depression, anxiety, stress, anger, etc..), yet the stigma attached prevents people from getting help.  I believe sometimes the emotions are so overwhelming, you don’t know what in the hell to do, so we just tuck them away like a perfectly folded fitted sheet (and you KNOW how hard that is to accomplish) and worry about the well-being of those we love…. avoiding ourselves better than the best corner back in the NFL! I remember reading in O (Oprah) Magazine that mild depression is worse than full on depression because people normally don’t seek help thinking “oh, it will pass.” I am hopeful  that Bob’s posts will at least provide some direction, insight and actionable steps for getting through “those days/weeks/months.”

If you have any questions for Bob that you don’t want to post via Facebook comments, shoot an email to healthychicas@theurbanchica.com.

About Bob..

Bob Livingstone is a psychotherapist and licensed clinical social worker with a private practice in San Francisco. He is a member of the National Association of Social Workers and an associate member of The California Association for Marriage and Family Therapists. He is also a Psychology Today verified therapist. Bob is a frequent consultant with national media outlets, including radio, major television networks, newspapers, and magazines.

A unique therapist, Bob has worked for twenty five years with a variety of clients, including adults, teenagers and children. He facilitated an adult bereavement group for many years and has specialized in anger issues. He has worked with incarcerated women and also helped many children of divorced families.
The idea for the Inquire Within Program was conceived during a therapy session when Bob wondered, “What if I could teach folks to ask their own emotional pain questions without a therapist in the room to guide them?” The innovative program he developed is presented in his brand new book Unchain the Pain: How to be Your Own Therapist.

The answer to all your problems lies within you…

For years we’ve learned we can only figure out what makes us tick by seeking help from teachers, politicians, therapists, or celebrities. Bob Livingstone’s Inquire Within Program shows we all have the power to heal ourselves and the wisdom to find answers to our most overwhelming questions. And yes, we can learn to tolerate the often-tumultuous process of discovering answers to the hard questions.

Inquire Within is a new model for self-discovery and recovery from psychological wounds. Therapist Bob Livingstone presents this material to readers for the first time in Unchain the Pain: How to be your own Therapist. This is the first book that teaches how self-questioning can resolve internal conflicts and help you discover joy in your life.

The Inquire Within Program can transform dysfunctional states to elation. Unchain the Pain is a breakthrough book; a tool all readers can use to teach themselves the benefits of self-analysis and come away happier and filled with a new perspective on their lives.
Please check out (link to the book page) to read advanced praise for this book.

Bob Livingstone is also the author of The Body-Mind-Soul Solution: Healing Emotional Pain through Exercise (Pegasus Books). Best selling Author, Ann Louise Gittleman, states, “This is a ground breaking book. Livingstone uniquely combines the positive aspect of physical exercise and self-help techniques that as a way of dealing with our emotional pain.”

He has been featured in The San Francisco Chronicle, The Miami Herald, The Dallas Morning News, The Hartford Courant, Natural Health Magazine, The Library Journal, Grand Magazine, Lee’s Summit Journal and Womansday.com. He is an expert on the Oprah/Dr. Oz owned Sharecare.com and he is a frequent contributor to the highly regarded Mentalhelp.net.

One of his articles has been featured on Selfgrowth.com; which according to Google is the number one self improvement site on the internet. His pieces have been posted on DrLaura.com; the number one syndicated radio host in America. He has been published on Beliefnet.com which won the Webby for best spiritual website. Bob has also placed several articles on one of the top women’s websites, Sheknows.com. He has also written for Ediets.com which is highly regarded by Forbes and PC Magazine. His articles have also been posted on Care2.com, Psychotherapy.net and The Therapist.

He also wrote the critically-acclaimed Redemption of the Shattered: A Teenager’s Healing Journey through Sandtray Therapy. According to Midwest Book Review, “This book is a compelling blend of candid memoir with personal spiritual testimony.” Eighteen university professors throughout America have included this book on their recommended list.

Bob utilizes his life experiences as well as professional ones to connect and assist with clients. He says, “For example, my father died when I was fifteen-this experience enables me to step into the shoes of someone who lost a parent, friend or spouse.”

Bob holds a Masters Degree in Social Welfare that he earned at the University of Kansas in 1979. His California License number is LCS 11087.

website: boblivingstone.com

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