hom.ie: 7 gadgets to keep your home safe + secure…

Connected products for your house have stopped being the domain of geeks and the ultra-rich, and have finally become useful — far from being gimmicky toys, they can offer safety and peace of mind. We choose from the best.

We’re a long way from Jetsons-level automation just yet, but the connected home does give the opportunity to make your home safe as well as smart.

All of the products we liked used the smartphone or tablet that you probably already carry in your home, and many could be entirely automated so that once they were set up they would be easy to forget about. Cameras offer the opportunity to keep tabs on your house — offering peace of mind, a deterrent, and evidence if anything awful should happen. The other smart products we looked at either monitor your home to ensure you’re safe or automate processes that keep you secure.

source: theindependant.co.uk

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