how to UNSEND that crazy ass text message..

It happens to the best of us. You send a text message while you’re angry, tipsy or pining for your ex. Welp, I might have a little help for you. Check out these apps..


Strings is a completely new way to look at messaging. It combines the ability to separate conversations, like email, with the lightweight and spontaneous nature of texting – all with an added layer of control that lets you pull back a ‘string’ at anytime.

Ten things you should know about Strings:

1. You need a smartphone and phone number to use Strings. No number, no use.
2. Your profile is private. Only people who you add to your friend list can see or share with you.
3. The only people who can view your content are the ones you share it with. Add people and remove people anytime.
4. No one can download or share your content without your approval. Period.
5. If anyone takes screenshots of your content, Strings will detect it and their account will be suspended.
6. If you remove yourself from a conversation, anything you said will be removed with you.
7. If you delete a photo, video or chat that you created, it will be deleted on every participant’s device.
8. If you delete your account, your photos, videos and comments are deleted forever, on all phones and servers.
9. What you share will never be analyzed, mined, sold, filed, or otherwise used at your expense.
10. Strings is free to use and free of advertising.

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Invisible Text

290x196_INVSI TEXTKeeping Messages Private for REAL.
Many of you have longed for the ability to send safe and secure text messages, photos, and videos without them landing in the wrong hands. The wait is over. Invisible Text has created a solution just for you. With its patented technology, this app ensures secure transmission of data between smart phones, computers, tablets and more. And even screen capture protection!

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Ansa is the safest place to let go, and be yourself with friends. It’s the only messaging app that lets you communicate like you do in person, without leaving a record behind.

With Ansa you can go “off the record”, and have full conversations that automatically disappear; send self-destructing photos and videos that only last for seconds; and take back the messages you already shared using synced deletion.

Why use Ansa?

– It’s safe and secure

– Easily go “off the record” to communicate without leaving a record behind

– Quickly send self-destructing photos and videos

– Remove messages you sent to friends’ phones with synced deletion

– Filter and doodle on pictures

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