if you dream your spouse is cheating, take a deep breath and read this..

Going to sleep at night is opening a doorway to the subconscious. The subconscious is very visual and emotional— it usually speaks in symbols or slips us reminders of things we’ve missed in our waking consciousness. When it’s mulling something over, its concerns and ideas will occasionally come through in our dreams.

One common but disturbing dream is that a spouse— or a significant other in a serious relationship— is cheating. This dream can cause a great deal of distress in your waking hours. You can’t help but wonder why you would dream such a thing— are you picking up on something? Is it possible there is any truth to the matter? Before you stress yourself out with worry, or angrily accuse your lover of betrayal, you need to evaluate the dream.

Dream Symbolism of Cheating

Dreams are usually symbolic. When you dream your spouse is cheating on you, take a deep breath; it’s most likely not a literal warning. Evaluate the current situation in your relationship. Usually a cheating spouse symbolizes that you feel your lover’s attention has been elsewhere.

When you dream your spouse is cheating on you, take a deep breath; it’s most likely not a literal warning.

He could be working more, spending too much time and money on video games, perhaps her physical fitness routine has ramped up and she’s off jogging in the mornings instead of cuddling and sleeping in. Perhaps an old friend got back in touch and they’ve been spending a lot of time on the phone.

Your subconscious interprets other interest as competition, and thus in your dream this competition is represented by someone taking your spouse away from you. You literally feel “cheated;” you feel you’ve been replaced and you’re no longer getting the attention you want.

This can indicate a potential problem in the relationship. It may be something unavoidable— such as if your spouse needs to take on a second job to pay the bills. It may be that the relationship is entering a bit of a rut. Perhaps you are insecure that your spouse has interests that you’re not part of.

Regardless of the cause, you need to talk your feelings over with your spouse and express your need for attention and reassurance that you’re still the most important thing to him or her. Even though your spouse is not being unfaithful, your needs are being presented in the dream because the situation is bothering you deeply. Stifling them can only make the situation worse in the long run— if your spouse understands how you feel, you can work on the situation together.

Prophetic Dreams

On occasion, for some people, dreams are actually warnings. The subconscious does pick up on something going on that your conscious mind has overlooked or ignored. Chances are, this dream will not be the first sign that something is wrong— you may have already tried to push away fears that your spouse is being unfaithful because you didn’t want to deal with it.

You have to be very careful if you think your dream is prophetic. Write down any details— numbers, names, places—that might have been mentioned. Don’t do anything with them, but do be on alert.

At that point, don’t make any accusations or violate your spouse’s privacy; just start being aware of patterns and behavior, and keep track of unexplained things that may point to unfaithfulness.

A dream may be a warning, but you can’t conclude that without evidence. When you do feel ready to confront your spouse, it should be with something more solid than that. But a dream can give you a clearer picture of the puzzle if you’ve been suspicious.

source: psychicuniverse.com

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