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For Black Girls – You Are Beautiful Documentary Every girl deserves to be depicted in a crown and gown on canvas – our film will embody what happens when they get it!

We are fundraising to make the best documentary possible. Spread the word and if you can make a donation.–2/x/9164


The image of black girls has been distorted over the history of our country. We cannot change history, but we can create a better future. Our film “For Black Girls – You Are Beautiful” explores a captivating, behind-the-scenes look at what happens when black girls know that they are beautiful.

World renown artist Shaneque Gay and ex-school social worker Ruby Taylor came together and created the Crown & Gowns Project.

The project will help 12 black girls know that they are worthy to be on canvas, and that they are beautiful both inside and out. Through our project Crowns & Gowns, we will gift an original artwork to 12 black girls.

Each girl will receive an original artwork in her image, dressed up in a crown and gown. Not only will they receive a portrait of themselves, we all also give them a tiara.

We will document the story and see how the young girls felt and reacted when gifted with the artwork and tiara.

Here is how we will pick the 12 Girls

#1  Four GIRLS will be chosen through our Indiegogo Campaign through a random draw of FOUR GIRLS. Depending on the reward you pick, will determine if you can add a black girl you know from the age of 11 to 20 to be one of the 4 girls.

#2 Six GIRLSwill be chosen through a nomination process from 3 non-profit organizations  in the following cities (Atlanta, Lancaster, and New York City).

#4 Two GIRLSwill be chosen because of pure nepotism and I hope you don’t mind. These 2 girls are my lovely nieces and they are oh so deserving even if I say so myself.

The power of art – not just any art, but African American art – is strong enough to validate another human’s existence. Today, many black girls need to be validated. With your help we can do that and so much more.

When we are validated and feel worthy, then we THRIVE!

Our Story

My name is Ruby Taylor and I am a masters-level social worker, an ex-school social worker/teacher for over 11 years, and an aunt of 8 beautiful nieces. Everyday I see the hurt and pain of black girls not knowing they are pretty enough or worthy to wear a crown and a gown.

The hurt and pain I witnessed in black girls in my family and my girls I mentored, guided, and counseled makes my heart ache.

Too dark, too fat, too light, not enough hair, not the right clothes, too tall, and too short. These resounding issues our girls face is damaging to their self-image, their futures, and their future-families. And I wanted to do something about it, to give them a new hope for themselves and a new view of the world around them.

My career as an inspirer, motivator, and caring social worker may have ended with my brain injury, but my passion to continue helping black girls is endless. That’s why I’ve teamed up with Shaneque Gay.

Shaneque, an Atlanta based artist, did the WhiteHouse illustration for First Lady Michelle Obama’s First Lady Luncheon in 2013. And her artwork was in the movie “Addicted” and an on the show “Being Mary Jane”. Celebrities, such as Samuel L. Jackson, have added her artwork in their collections. Her exhibits appear around the world and she has permanent artwork in the collection of SCAD, Hong Kong. Last, but not least, she has exhibited solo and group shows in museums and galleries across the United States. is her site please visit after you consider making your donation here.

So, when I say, we have an artist creating these beautiful works, it is just not any artist. Shaneque is an accomplished, gifted, and working artist putting these girls goodness and souls to canvas.

These original pieces of art that Ms. Gray will lovingly craft will be on 5″x9″ canvas, in the likenesses of the recipients, and, in addition to the painting and tiara, they will receive a book entitled “Confidence To Greatness” to remind each black girl she is priceless no matter what.

But since we can’t actually do this for every black girl, we will film this process to show others this is for them, too.

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