jimi urquiaga’s santeria inspired collection..

From styling music videos and cover shoots, to designing his own début collection, Jimi Urquiaga is a definite all-rounder in terms of fashion.  By the young age of 20, Jimi Urquiaga was awarded the first-ever title of Las Vegas’s “Best New Designer” by Caesar’s Palace. While he may have begun working as a stylist by accident; in high school, he pursued fashion design courses and embarked on a design career.

His début Spring/Summer 2014 collection embodied an ultra-feminine, modern silhouette. As well as designing, you will also find him behind-the-scenes acting as creative director on various shoots. If you haven’t heard of him yet, Jimi Urquiaga should be on your radar.


Photographer: Robert John Kley
Stylist: Jimi Urquiaga Fashion Stylist
Hair/Makeup: Sheena Zargari
Model: Milan Dixon

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