joanne the scammer’s new door mats “get out of my Caucasian house” will benefit the ACLU..

Joanne has teamed up with Super Deluxe to sell “Get Out Of My Caucasian House” welcome mats. Fifty percent of the proceeds from the sale will be donated to the American Civil Liberties Union.


The Internet sensation, a character developed by comedian Branden Miller, teamed up with Super Deluxe to produce a line of welcome mats that greet visitors with a warm “Get out of my Caucasian house!”

In the tongue-in-cheek announcement video for the product, Joanne offers a tour of the (fictional) sweatshop used to create her merchandise, in which she shrieks “Iconic!” as she holds up one of the hilariously offensive mats as workers roll their eyes.

Available for purchase on the Super Deluxe web site (and just in time to give those pro-Trump family members something unforgettably relevant for the holidays!), 50% of all profits will benefit the ACLU.



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