life: 25 links that help you do pratically anything..

  1. learn how to coupon
  2. how to get free therapy
  3. clean bathroom tips
  4. what to do when you can’t pay your bills
  5. learn time management skillz
  6. recipes that take 30 minutes or less
  7. see if you’re paying too much for your cell phone bill
  8. create a resume
  9. how to make a doctor’s appointment
  10. organize your closet
  11. find the right career
  12. a list of stress relievers
  13. how to pick a major
  14. how to take care of yourself when you’re sick
  15. things to bring to a doctor’s appointment
  16. what the hell is a mortgage?
  17. buying a used car
  18. how to pick a health insurance plan
  19. read the news
  20. leave your childhood traumas behind
  21. how to quit smoking
  22. a list of hotlines in a crisis
  23. what to expect from your first gynecologist appointment
  24. what to do if you get pulled over by a cop
  25. things to keep in your car in case of an emergency

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