LITTLE BALLERS: Author Crystal McCrary directs an inspirational, emotionally compelling documentary…

There are so many amazing African-American women out there changing the game. Unfortunately mass media normally allows “one bad ass black broad” at at time. Right now, that’s Ava Duvernay  {whom I adore and is deserving of every accolade}, but we have a slew of ’em!  For instance, do you know about Crystal McCrary’s incredible documentaries?
Crystal is documenting those stories that are much closer to our every day lives, the stories that impact our children, the way we navigate a world that is often unforgiving- stories that are steeped in hope and grit. She is using her skills as a mother {yep. that’s a skill}, writer and director to document stories that take you to the place where inspiration dwells. Watch LITTLE BALLERS tonight {2/25/15} at 9p on Nickelodeon and you will understand..
 I look forward to interviewing Crystal in the coming weeks! Please email any questions you may have for her to Also, there’s some great articles about LITTLE BALLERS on the Huffington Post {‘Little Ballers’ Documentary Teaches Us That Black Boys Aren’t Monolithic} and CBS Sports {LITTLE BALLERS: A Must Watch For Anyone In Youth Sports}
Set against the backdrop of New York City, LITTLE BALLERS tells the story of 4 diverse eleven-year old boys and their legendary coach as they set out to win an AAU National Championship. For these young men, basketball is more than a game. It is a deep passion that holds a special meaning for each of them: escaping poverty, getting an education, living the American dream and bonding with a father, but more than anything, basketball offers them hope.
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LITTLE BALLERS features interviews with NBA players Amar’e Stoudemire, Carmelo Anthony, Steve Nash, Russell Westbrook, Joakim Noah, Walt Frazier, Tyson Chandler, JR Smith
and includes perspectives from NY Times columnist William C. Rhoden, Award-Winning journalist Roland Martin, Black Enterprise President and CEO Butch Graves, Rogue Sports agent Travis King,
ESPN senior writer Pablo Torre and HBO Sports Senior VP Kery Davis among others.
2013 Urban World Film Festival Presents "Little Ballers"
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