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I’ve done a zillion events (from 100 to 10,000) over the years. Thankfully, most have been very successful (they’re definitely a few major duds in there- I fail big and then forward..). So I know a few things about event execution and production.

Earlier in my life, a “fresh,” well-attendant event with a fun atmosphere was all that mattered (I still enjoy producing these events), but now I prefer to focus on creating indelible experiences in environments that foster emotional connections and inspire people (creative, personal, professional..). That was RHAS.

I had the opportunity to collaborate with Ronald B. Williams of The Pen, LLC who had this idea to bring RHAS to Minton’s in Harlem (perfect venue) and it was magical..  The production part of me was not completely thrilled with the presentation set-up, but that was sooooo minor in the big scheme of things. People were happy, eating, drinking, exchanging information, dancing, taking pictures and having an overall amazing time- just look at all of the hugging in the pictures! Questions were asked, passions were fueled and creative insights were shared.  In addition, we had two of the most incredible hosts! Crystal McCrary and Ray McGuire are epic. Yes. I LOVE producing events like this (thanks Ron!)..

RH Amazing Sizzle Harlem cut3 from DNowell on Vimeo. {password: AmazingRob123}

Rob Hardy “Amazing Stories” is a live one-man interactive stage show, where he gives an honest and unflinching look at the hidden pitfalls and endless possibilities, that exist on the road to success. Rob Hardy re-tells seminal moments throughout his life that solidified his path to continued success as a film and TV director, producer, and entrepreneur. The show is interactive and encourages audience participation, as well as a Q&A period. Be it acting, film-making, writing or aspirations of starting a new endeavor, Rob Hardy will help you re-imagine and re-purpose your own goals.

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