politic.n: #last words. minimalist images showing the last words of young black men gunned down by racist police..

Shirin’s Twitter description:

Journalist. Filmmaker. Humans of Tehran Founder. Hailing from Iran aka ‘Eye-Ran’ aka ‘The Islamic Republic’ aka ‘The Axis of Evil.”

Love it..

Ms. Barghi recently collected the last words of men like Michael Brown — young, black, killed by authority figures while unarmed — and turned them into powerful illustrations.

“I created these images to raise awareness about racist police violence in America and as an expression of solidarity,” she tweeted. “I experienced police brutality in my native Iran, and the struggle here to confront that violence resonated with me.”

The minimalist images, eight of which appear below, are poignant echoes of the victims’ final moments.

To see more, please visit goodmenproject.com

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