ride out: clearly i need to up my bicycle game…


Hermes is serious about its new motto: “A sporting life!”  Last fall, the Paris-based luxury retailer unveiled a line of handmade bicycles priced at around 11g’s each.


The company has also been careful to steer clear of the biking crowd. Its new machine is finely crafted and stylish, but serious cyclists won’t be swayed from an array of sleeker and more expensive machines. “We wanted to make a real bike that is easy to use,” says Francois Dore, managing director of Hermes’s Horizons department. Notice the lack of cycling adjectives in that statement; it’s not a “fast” bike or a “mountain” bike. It’s just a “real” bike—a really nice one. Hermes names it “Le Flaneur,” which translates to “the stroller” or “the dawdler.” In other words, it’s not for the sweaty, speeding masses.

That just might be my type of bike…


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