Rocambolesco! My Italian Adventure..

Rocambolesco: Roughly translates to “fantastic” and “incredible” (as in fantastical adventures). In the 19th century, French writer Pierre Alexis Ponson du Terrail dreamed up the character Rocambole — a swashbuckling adventurer who inspired the French word rocambolesque and, by extension, the Italian rocambolesco. Equal parts epic, exciting and gripping, rocambolesco experiences are the kind you’ll tell your grandkids about one day.

Rocambolesco is the best way to sum up my recent visit to Italy. Maze Runners in Venice and Under the Tuscan Sun (ish) in Florence.

We walked + wine’d, ate as if we were filming an episode of “man chica vs. food” and explored like true adventurers (mixing a little touristy with off the beaten path stuff). One surprising highlight was the hotel in Florence, Villa Toloemi Hotel & Resort (a historical residence transformed into a 5-star luxury hotel and surrounded by the hills of Marignolle).  It was perfecto!

I’m sure I could have rounded up a few “Instagram” worthy pics, but I was too busy enjoying Italy and time with my bestie cousin. 🙂  During my visit, it was hot as panther piss– so that skin sheen is not some hot new Jennifer Lopez bronzing “glow” product. It’s sweat.

Yup.. I look a hot mess after walking 8+ miles and hiking to the top of Boboli Gardens, but it’s 100% unfiltered, no makeup, crazy hair, happy messiness. 😉






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