save your cash and get fi-zine with a DIY bootcamp!

 Save your cash and create your own killer training session with these simple but super-effective circuit ideas

There’s a reason bootcamp-style training is so popular: It gets results—and fast! While the group atmosphere and fixed schedule can certainly help, the real secret is in the setup. Go to enough bootcamp workouts and you’ll soon start to notice a theme: time-based interval circuits with minimal equipment so you can focus on intensity (or kicking your own booty!).

Each circuit mixes heart-rate-revving cardio moves with multi-joint strength exercises so you torch the maximum amount of calories while you tone every inch. This DIY bootcamp is designed in the exact same way, so you can save your cash and still see your body change.

To prepare: Set up five “stations” in a large circle in your workout space (indoors will work, but we recommend taking this plan outside). You can mark each station with a label or simply ID them in your head.  Place a jump rope at the first station, medicine ball at the second, two cones about four feet apart at the third, a pair of dumbbells at the fourth, and leave the fifth open.

How it works: This workout is split into 3 circuits (5 exercises each). Do each exercise for 1 minute in order, with no rest between stations. Do two rounds of the first circuit (slides 2 through 6), rest 1 to 2 minutes, and then move on to the second circuit (slides 7 through 11). Continue this pattern until you’ve done 2 rounds of all three circuits. Optional: Do the whole thing again for a killer 60-minute sweat session!

You will need: Cones, Free weights, Jump rope, Medicine ball

sets: 2, reps: 1 min {all exercises}

jump rope {basic}


#1  jump rope as consistently and as quickly as you can, freestyle.

medicine ball strength exercise {push up pass}


get into pushup position with the ball under one hand. perform a pushup, and as arms extend, roll the ball to the other side. perform another pushup, this time with the ball under opposite hand. continue alternating hands, modifying on knees if needed.

cone cardio drill {figure 8 jog}


stand in the center of the two cones (about four feet apart), with one in front of and one behind body. quickly begin to jog in a figure-8 pattern, making a circle around the front cone, and then running backwards to circle the back cone (body should always be facing forward).

free weights {deadlift row}

2.-deadlift-row-a-700 2.-deadlift-row-a-700


  • stand with feet hip-width apart and knees slightly bent, abs engaged, holding dumbbells. Hinge forward, bringing chest toward the floor, keeping spine naturally straight.
  • bend elbows and pull dumbbells to sides of torso, squeezing shoulder blades back and together. extend arms to return to starting position.

bodyweight cardio drill {high knees}


run in place with hands in front of body, palms facing down. try to tap knees to palms as legs alternate quickly.

jump rope {cross-over jump}


#5 try crossing arms in front of body while rope is still in the air.

medicine ball {strength exercise squat chops}

2.2-squat-chops-a-700x700_2 2.2-squat-chops-b-700x700


  • stand with feet wide, holding the medicine ball overhead.
  • quickly lower into a deep squat, chopping ball down to ground. return to the starting position and repeat. add a jump during the chop for more intensity if desired.

cone {cardio drill: side shuffle touchdown}

3.2-side-shuffle-touchdown-a-700x700 3.2-side-shuffle-touchdown_b-700x700_0


  • stand in between two cones placed about four feet apart. quickly shuffle to the right and tap cone.
  • immediately shuffle left to tap the other cone. repeat as quickly as possible.

dumbbell strength exercise {rear lunge and curl}



  • grab a pair of dumbbells and stand with feet together, knees slightly bent. bend elbows by sides, palms facing up.
  • step right leg back and lower into a lunge, bending both knees at 90-degrees as arms extend down by sides. curl arms up as you return to the starting position. repeat on the opposite side. continue alternating legs until the set is complete.

bodyweight cardio drill {burpees}

5.2-burpees-a-700x700_0 burpees-b-700x700_0


  • squat down to the floor, placing hands below shoulders, and quickly jump feet back into plank position.
  • jump feet back into squat position and explosively jump up, reaching arms overhead. add a pushup for more of a challenge.

jump rope {boxer’s jump}


alternate tapping heels slightly in front of body while landing.

medicine ball strength exercise {crunch and catch}


Lie faceup with knees bent and feet flat, holding ball in front of chest. Sit up quickly and toss ball up in the air, catching it and rolling down through spine with abs tight to return to start.

cone cardio drill {plank walks}

3.3-plank-walks-700x700_0 3.3-plank-walks-b-700x700


  • Begin in a plank position to the right side of one cone. Lift right hand and reach across body to tap the cone.
  • BThen walk hands and feet out to the right until close to the opposite cone. Tap this cone with left hand. Repeat as quickly as possible, keeping abs tight so lower back doesn’t sag.

dumbbell strength exercise {squat to press}


  • hold dumbbells in front of shoulders, palms facing in. lower into a shallow squat to gain power.
  • then extend legs as arms press overhead. move as quickly as possible with good form.


bodyweight cardio drill {mountain climbers}


from a full plank position, alternate bending one knee into chest as quickly as possible







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