Slum Ballet: Dancing Against The Odds..

Ballet dancers in the Kibera neighborhood of Nairobi, Kenya perfect their art despite limited resources. The images were captured by Swedish photojournalist Fredrik Lerneryd, who first discovered the group of dancers while working on another assignment. The children are taught ballet through a program run by UK-based charity, Anno’s Africa. Mike Wamaya, a Kenyan native who has worked as a dancer in various European countries, leads the ballet classes in Nairobi. The classes also focus on health, wellness, and self-esteem.

About Fredrik

Fredrik is a Swedish freelance photojournalist living in Nairobi and working for international media, non-governmental organizations and persona projects. Mr. Fredrik is committed to documenting sections of society and communities in way that affords them more respect.

“I seek out stories that are not so obvious at first sight, but take a bit of time and effort to find… I think it’s important to question your own stereotypic view on subjects and individuals that is what I strive for when I choose stories. ”

Mr. Lerneryd strives to find balance between challenging cliche’s and capturing the individuals sense of identity.

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