space.s: 7 cool outdoor kitchens..

i used to love being outdoors when i was young. once i reached my 20’s, my outside adventures usually included a festival, concert, bbq or leaving the club.  as i’ve gotten older, i’m back to loving the outdoors again, but now it’s from a “being present, appreciating god’s handiwork, our beautiful world” kinda way.  i now garden, cook {q} and take my laptop to do work on my deck. i’m fortunate to have amazing outdoor space {nothing like in these}. everyone should carve a little spot outside. i now understand why city dwellers {like new yorkers} are great at finding little spots to get their air time in.

oh! wait. i recently read an article about how we aren’t meant to be in cubicles. i’m posting that next- it supports my case. lol!



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