support.her: the building is a new web series with fresh (diverse) faces and stories..

You want to see diverse and interesting minority characters that aren’t stereotyped? Well you gotta support the creators.
About The Building
The Building is an upcoming Video on Demand web series featuring fresh new stories from fresh new faces.
When the young and hopeful Dylan Bishop is down on her luck, she finds herself unexpectedly moving into a building of misfits and ultimately, finding a home.
Dylan Bishop is not having a good day. Upon moving to the big city to pursue her dream of becoming a screenwriter, she unceremoniously has a job and apartment yanked out from under her. Looking to her best friend Nicky for help, Nicky points her in the direction of an eccentric older woman that lives in the building, and is currently seeking a roommate. From there, she meets a host of odd characters, concentrated in this one unique building.
About the Creator Lu Asfaha

Lu has been devoted to increasing diverse media representation for many years. Having rarely scene positive portrayals that looked like herself, or those around her, when growing up, she felt this was and still is a failing of popular media.

Lu was born in Winnipeg, Manitoba, but migrated to Toronto at a young age and has lived in the Queen City ever since. She wrote and produced the short documentary Kerry, about a struggling young man who turned his life around, which had its premiere…

Support Lu’s Kickstarter Campaign. Pledge $10.00 today!!


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