the armor of god: how do you go into battle?

The world is becoming increasingly insane, so I’m curious…

How do you prepare for the onslaught of negativity, evil, ridiculousness, ignorance, false ideologies, fake news, violence and other idiot shit? Do you believe in a higher power and how does that help you “give/do/speak” good in light of the madness? How do you protect your mind and heart against the daily grinds?  In my house, we place our faith in God, but I’m interested in learning how other people “armor” themselves. Each morning, I have my quiet time with God/self and pray for the tools/wisdom/heart to add something good each day to the cosmos. Not saying that I always get it right or don’t just say screw this nonsense, grab some butter pecan and watch National Geographic Wild (cause I only want to see animals- no people), but I don’t know if I could even fight the good fight without my armor, belief and faith in God.

Another question, do you think humans have the ability to maintain hope, strength and courage to do what is right in the face of these adversities without a higher power? How does your belief (or disbelief) work for you?

All respectful comments that address the questions are welcome. #nohate #educate

UPDATE MARCH 10, 2017: Sorry guys! I’m using a new commenting system and haven’t had time to go through the comments to make sure nothing sneaky filtered in. Will do so this weekend. Thanks!!

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