the dynamic duo! kim + nene reunite on “watch what happens live.”

Had to post this pic of Nene + Kim. When I watched RHOA, these two made it worth it. Recently, the two reunited on Andy Cohen’s WWHL and they are still as funny as ever together. Check out the questions Kim asked Nene on the “Plead the Fifth” segment {Nene answers them all}..

1. What is the one thing you regret saying about me during the run of the show?  “Oh God Kim, I’ve said so much shit about you.  ‘Close your legs to married men.’”  Kim thanks for her being sorry for that one.

2. What is your honest opinion of the song ‘don’t be tardy for the party’?   “I thought it was a fun song, honestly.  I admit I clapped and tapped my toe when I heard it in the club.”

3.  What is your favorite name that you’ve called me on the show? Trashbox, hooker, etc.  “NeNe agrees that her favorite and the fans’ favorite is Trashbox.”  Kim said it doesn’t hurt her feelings – they both made each other mad back then.


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