vertical gardening made easy with wooly pockets..

Thankfully, vertical gardening is {still} all the rage.  Since I want to be on the offense, I’ve been on a mission to learn all I can about organic gardening. With climate change, bee issues, water shortages, GMO foods and the monopolizing of the food industry in general, I just think it’s best to be..”thoughtful” about the possibilities. Actually, it’s a win-win because I enjoy the entire process and there’s nothing like going outside and picking your own tomatoes, spinach, beets or fresh herbs (don’t have to pay $2.00 for herbs that will wither away in the fridge).   Sorry. I digress..

The technology and product development for vertical gardening continues to grow due to interest (obviously) in urban gardening.  No matter where you are, at the very least there’s a wall (of some sort). That brings me to this lovely product- Wooly Pocket Vertical Gardening Systems- loovveeee. 🙂 They have everything you need for vertical gardening and a few options for raised bed gardening as well. Check ’em out here..

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