watch melania trump plagiarize part of michelle obama’s speech…

Earlier on Monday in an interview with Matt Lauer, Melania said of the speech, “I wrote it with as little help as possible,” which will make it tough to place the blame for the apparent plagiarism on some speechwriter scapegoat. Regardless of who’s responsible, however, you’d think that person would have learned in the fires of the last year of campaigning that the Internet WILL FIND YOU OUT. It’s not like some poor production assistant had to go dig through some dusty vault in a CNN sub-basement to find the Michelle Obama footage. No New York Times intern had to hunt for the clip in the newspaper’s morgue.

Nope: it just took a guy with a few thousand Twitter followers and quick fingers minutes to screen-shot the similarities. From there, the retweets began. Cable news began to chatter. The video side-by-sides showed up, and they seem awfully incontrovertible (as the above video shows)..



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