we are all responsible for charleston..

Our sins contaminate everything and everyone around us..

Whether you believe in God, Allah, Buddha, Krishna, Jah, Yahweh, Kami, Ik Onkar or Energy, Karma, Science- for every action, there’s a reaction. Period.

It’s time for us to start thinking from a base level (self): what we do, no matter how small, is NOT a singular act without repercussions. Our self serving, impure hearts impact us and our immediate family, extended family, friends, community, city, state, nation, world. There is no other way to think about it. I believe in God and forgiveness, so confessing my sins and praying for forgiveness is part of my morning ritual. However, if you have a different belief system, “confessing” your shortcomings aka “sins” should still be a part of you life. It offers you the opportunity to acknowledge, correct and improve. Even an alcoholic has to first admit he/she is an alcoholic.

I don’t have an answer for the increased level of greed, brutality, hate, extremism, etc. we’re experiencing, but if we start with that small things, maybe we can change the tide and live/give/love/think/do/act better. If everyone committed to that tiny action, perhaps we would gain the strength and positive energy necessary to collectively tackle the bigger problems plaguing our quickly declining world. It’s very simple, you’re either on the side of good or evil. By doing nothing, you’ve made your choice..

Just my opinion. Just a thought..



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