weafo is my new favorite app! download it stat (you’ll thank me later)…

I LOVE this app! It’s so easy to use and most importantly, it does EXACTLY what it promises. Transferring files (mostly pics for me) from my iphone to laptop is just a click away! No connecting your phone, just enter the link, save what you want and remove the space hogging files from your phone. I might even up the game and pay for pro- which is a big deal since out of my 2,435 apps, I’ve ONLY paid for Camera+. 🙂

Below is a breakdown from Weafo’s app page. Your welcome..

Transfer freely whenever you desire. As long as you have it on one device you’re good to go. From this moment you can use Weafo to send and receive files between your iPhone/iPad and devices with any Operating Systems.

This is how we roll !!!

Weafo can:

• Transfer very large files or many files at once:
There is NO limit to size, transfer super FAST.

• Use Wi-Fi to save money:
Weafo transfers files directly over Wi-Fi. This means Weafo does NOT use your data plan and Internet band.

• Up to 12 times faster than All existing solutions:
– Weafo Transfers files directly from one device to another without passing through the Internet.
– Weafo has removed the hassle of opening and switching between apps for transferring files.You can instantly send and receive files of any app without leaving it via Share Extension.

• Transfers files on the go:
No matter where you are (on the road in the park etc) turn your iPhone to a Wi-Fi hotspot, and keep transferring those files.

• Scrape out those sticky data inside your iPhone 😀
Weafo makes use of Share Extension to send and export the contents of apps.
There’s No need to use iTunes or other time killing methods (e.g. cloud services or email) for getting data off the iPhone/iPad.

And also:

+ Exchange and preview any kind of file format:
Link, text, map, image, contacts,notes, sound, video etc…

+ Safe Transfer:
Weafo doesn’t need to upload your files to a third-party server, so the transfers are direct and Secure.
You can also set a password before starting the transfer for more safety.

+ Compression and Archive:
If you want more speed, if you want to stay organized, Weafo compresses several files into a single ZIP archive for you.

+ Group Transfer:
You can transfer files to more than one device simultaneously.

+ Cable Free:
Transfer files to your computer without using USB cable.

The best way to learn about Weafo is to try it.

We are working hard; we have no purpose but the satisfaction of our users. We genuinely value your feedback.
Please don’t hesitate to contact us via Weato@marblzz.com, or tweet @WeafoApp even if it’s just to say Hi!

link: weafo

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