! this pen can mimic EVERY color in the world..

Think of Photoshop’s eye dropper tool’s ability to take any colour it wants and use it for its own. Now imagine that on a real-life pen. Point at a patch of emerald-green grass, Caribbean-blue water, red-delicious apple – uh – red, and reproduce those same colours in ink. So much power!

According to its creators, Scribble is “the first colouring device of its kind that can take the world of colour around you and transfer it directly to either paper or your favourite mobile device.”

It comes in two forms: an ink pen and a stylus. The ink pen is equipped with a 16-bit RGB colour sensor, which you hold up against various objects and it stores those colours for future use. The stylus comes with an app, so you can use your collection of colours on your phone or tablet.

Both devices claim to reproduce up to 16 million colours, however you can only store 100,000 on its 1GB of memory. Still, good luck trying to find 100,000 colours.

The ink pen will plans to retail for just under $150, while the stylus will be under $80. However, neither is available for purchase, with the creators planning to put it up as a Kickstarter project first.

via Techly.

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