ya-ya sisterhood: 15 creative + fun ideas for girls night


  1. Paint-A-Craft Night: crafting blitz and exchange. everyone crafts picture frames, pin boxes, wooden letters, hand tied blankets or pillows, etc. then host a round-robin exchange.
  2. Fashion Crew– call one of the local sewing class instructors and design a skirt or outfit {each person assigned a piece of the outfit} and create a lookbook.
  3. Fashion Swap: swap handbags, dresses, scarves, sweaters… everyone brings one nice fashion item to exchange.
  4. Exotic Adventure: host an arabian theme social with belly dancing lessons and an authentic arabian buffet. or an indian theme with henna hand painting and an indian buffet. be adventurous ~ try an activity & food that is totally new to the sisters.
  5. Ya Ya Book Club: the chapter reads the same {fun} book during one month & then host a party to discuss the novel. play trivia games related to the book. theme the party around the novel, i.e. romance, mystery, southern, british…
  6. Guard Your Grill: grillin’ & chillin’ together. outdoor girl’s only grill party with hamburgers, hot dogs, corn on the cob… host a “best burger” competition. combine with a “smoothie smash” smoothie tasting event for extra fun.
  7. Throw Back: party like you’re 18 years old! throw a nostalgic party with old school tunes, hair + outfits from the era and favorite foods/candy.
  8. Movie Marathon: chick flick film festival. screen your favorite chic flicks all night long. play a chic flick trivia game, chic flick charades, and guess the movie quotes game. everyone wears pjs and eats popcorn.
  9. Spa Night: arrange for local manicurists to come to your house or event space to give mani-pedis for all. set up a facial station for your chicas to give each other mud masks and DIY facials. give beauty tips, serve champagne and finger foods.
  10. Chocolate Factory: all about chocolate! make chocolate cupcakes and brownies, have a blind-folded chocolate tasting contest, rent a chocolate fountain, serve hot chocolate {with kahlua or bailey’s of course..lol}, etc.
  11. Cupcakes and Cocktails: take your decorating skills to a new level. learn how to bake and/or decorate cakes + cupcakes at a local bakery {or hire someone to come in}. you can easily look up a cake decorating class and hire the instructor or go to your local grocery store {the one that always has pretty cakes..lol} and hire them.
  12. Video Chicks: Hire a student from your local art school and stylist {or just use a really good camera and assign a stylist from your group of friends} and re-create your favorite videos!
  13. Goal Gals: got goals or a bucket list of things you would like to do, but need a little push? get the girls together and create a bucket, long/short term goals journal. gather up some colored markers/pencils, pretty journals and other crafty/scrap-bookie things to jazz up the journal you guys use to record those “gonna do” things. also, provide a big board or get that gigantic post-it thingy to allow everyone to write their top 5 on and help create the “master plan” to achieve + do! hold yourself and friends accountable {encourage one another}- next girls night, review everyone’s progress.
  14. Dancing with the Girls: just dance + soul train/american bandstand outfits.. need i say more?
  15. Garden Girls: go to each friends home and start an organic garden {smart garden is an awesome tool to plan ahead of time} or grab a bunch of pots from your local dollar store and some seeds and plant herbs.

ok.. i’mma stop now. lol!



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