zuza mengham’s creates sculpted scents for laboratory perfumes..


As part of its ongoing exploration of scent’s relationship with other senses, London-based fragrance maker Laboratory Perfumes has been working with artist Zuza Mengham to consider ways of translating intangible fragrances into solid sculptural forms.

The Sculpting Scent exhibition also celebrates the launch of Laboratory Perfumes’ fifth scent – Atlas – with a limited quantity available exclusively in The Conran Shop for four weeks before its official release at the end of October.

Inspired by the scents and scenery of Morocco’s Atlas Mountains, the new fragrance is built around the nostalgia-laden aroma of pipe tobacco, with layers of rum, vanilla and hay, and fresh ozone top notes.

“I made a conscious decision not to read the descriptions, but to smell them all and see what I could decipher from them first directly, taking notes and ideas. After I matched them up with their descriptions I made a series of drawings with watercolour overlays, building up the colours and patterns until I was happy they translated in a way that felt appropriate.”


ABOUT the Artist
London-based artist and designer Zuza Mengham is fascinated by materials. She makes large-scale sculptures and installations that explore ideas of what constitutes a ‘space’, and objects that toy with the suggestion of function. Often incorporating traditional craft techniques into new settings and methods of making – as exemplified in her ‘fictitious furniture’ series of steel sculptures that seem both pointless and purposeful – Zuza creates modernist, abstract works that seem intriguingly out of sync with reality. Her current work has seen her shift from steel to resin – another material that is briefly malleable before settling into permanence – alongside a jewellery series that uses powdered copper and slate to create unique marbling effects. Zuza’s resins are available to buy at The The Store on Hackney Road.


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